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Omni-Stand Resing Base Tutorial

Omni-Stand Resin Base Tutorial

The Omni-Stand system can be used without the need for an acrylic base. This allows you to use themfor ground based games where only a few units are flying. The Omni-Stand rods are universal and a mounting peg can be used in either end. Each peg is around 3/8" long. In this tutorial we will be countersinking the peg into a resin base and showing you how to dress it up after the modification.

Materials Needed:

Omni-Stand Mounting Peg

Omni-Stand Rod

Resin Base

3/16" drill bit

5/16" drill bit


Scultping puty (optional)

Preparing the base

We start with some resin bases. These are the ones we found at the local game store.

One of them was thick enough to take the entire peg. This is not necessary but it allows us to sink the peg into the base and out of sight. If your base isn't big enough you can add a standard round base to give you a little more room work work with.

We start with the 3/16" drill bit. You can choise to drill the hole just enough for the base to fit in but drilling the first hole all the way through is probably easiest.

Next we drill a shallow hole with the 5/16" drill bit. This hole needs to be just deep enough to make the head flush with the top of the base.


Now we can glue the peg into the base. Super glue works for this but epoxy will give you a much stronger hold. Make sure the base sits level before you glue. If you drilled to far in then the peg will stick out the bottom and the base will wobble.

The base is ready to got now. All you need is the Omni-Stand rod and another mounting peg attached to your miniature.

You can try to mask the peg with some sculpting putty or epoxy putty. Make sure to screw the rod into the base to make sure the putty doesn't cover up the hole. We also removed the O-ring from one side of the rod. This isn't necessary but it does allow us to get a lower profile connection on the base.

Make sure to remove the rod before it the putty sets. Once the putty sets you can do any final touches to help it blend in with the rest of the base.

Now your ready to game and you have the added benefit of the Omni-Stand system for your flying miniatures.